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Please fill in the rental enquiry form below in order to register your interest.

1. Property Details (Address to be let)
Property Address
Tenancy Period Tenancy Start Date No. of Applicants Total Rent Rent for this Application
2. Primary Application Details (All fields marked ** MUST be completed)
Title ** First Name ** Initials Surname **
Date of Birth NI Number (or Overseas equivalent) Gross annual salary/income  
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Current Address **
Postcode ** Time at Address Address Status
Contact Number ** Mobile Telephone Number Marital Status Occupation **
Names of additional tenants entering this agreement Age (if under 18) Share of rent
Are you or any of the above named a smoker? Yes No
Do you have any pets? Yes No
Have you had any County Court Judgements or rent arrears in
the past 6 years?
Yes No
* Details of any Judgements, arrears and/or pets should be included in the "Additional Notes" section
3. Previous Address (If at current less than 6 years*)
Previous Address
Postcode Time at Address
3.1 Previous Address (If at current & previous less than 6 years*)
Previous Address
Postcode Time at Address
4. Employment / Occupation Details (Employed/Self Employed)
Employment Status (e.g. permentent) Name of Organisation Employment Dates
Position Held Contact Name Contact Position
Contact Telephone Number Contact Fax Number Contact E-mail Address
5. Current Landlord or Agent
Landlord/Agency name Contact Number E-mail address
Address of landlord/Agent
6. Character Referee (Non relative known for 3 years +)
Referee Name Relationship (e.g. previous employer) Time known
Contact Number E-mail Address
7. Guarantor (OPTIONAL)
Title First Name Surname
Postcode Contact Number Income Status (e.g. self/employed, retired)
Employment Employer's Contact Name † Employer's Contact Number †

We will contact the proposed Guarantor to obtain further information or to verify their consent to act in this capacity.

† Please leave blank if unknown or inapplicable. An account or solicitor may be entered if self employed

8. Identification Validation (UK Passport, Driver's Licence, Utility Bill) (OPTIONAL)
ID Type (e.g. passport) Reference / Account Number Issuer (Utility only e.g. BT)
9. Additional Notes & Comments
Use this section to add any additional general information that you feel is relevant toi this application.
Guidance & Information
  • Section 2 must be completed. This is the minimum amount of information required to assess an application.
  • Married couples should add the highest earner as the primary applicant.
  • Validating postcodes before submitting this form will speed up processing times. ( )
  • Unemployed & Student applicants should include a Guarantor unless proof of alternative funding can be provided.
  • Applicants with low funding may be required to provide details a suitable Garantor.
  • The Guarantor provided must be a homeowner and agree to act in this capacity. An affordabillity assessment & credit check will be performed during processing.
  • The applicants signed or verbal permission & identifacation must be obtained prior to the submission of this application.
  • You should, where possible, advise referees that we will be contacting them as this will reduce delays.
  • Any falsehoods uncovered at a later date will result in the immediate termination of any agreement that may be in place or offered

Prospective tenants requiring further information relating to the completion of this form or The Data Protection Act can contact us HERE


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